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portway's prime concern is to ensure the comfort and safety of its passengers, working so that all may enjoy a unique and pleasant experience from the moment they come into contact with us.

portway provides the following services:

  • Automatic acceptance of passengers and baggage in our own or the client's system
  • Passenger boarding
  • Welcoming passengers on arrival
  • Assistance services for CIP / VIP passengers
  • Special assistance for unaccompanied minors (UM)
  • Baggage irregularity service
  • Payment service for excess baggage and passengers
  • Ticket sales service and counter
  • Lost & Found service and counter

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring that our clients' turnaround times are complied with. To this end, we use all our experience and know-how so that they can benefit from a modern, efficient service.


  • Passenger and crew transport
  • Loading and unloading aircraft
  • Communication between the portway agent and the aircraft cockpit
  • Pushback and aircraft towing
  • Aircraft toilet and water services
  • Pneumatic starter services for aircraft engines

The specialised technical training of our staff is an assurance that you will get all the information you need, effectively and efficiently.


Services Provided:

  • Flight preparation
  • Flight control and coordination
  • Post-flight communication

portway provides a premium cargo service. Proof of the credibility of our services is the fact that we operate all of the integrators in Portuguese airports. We do this using cargo handling support technology that makes efficiency, quality and punctuality our watchwords.


Services provided:


  • Transport, loading and unloading
  • Cargo x-ray services
  • Cold storage
  • Valuable cargo storage
  • Automatic weighing of pallets and containers
  • Automatic surveillance service using our own DVR system
  • Security and surveillance service for the facilities

From the outset, the main aim of the portway training centre has been to provide the high security standards needed in the aviation area through specialised techniques.


With a wide range of courses available and a team of specialised instructors, the portway training centre has built a solid image of quality in the internal market and abroad, and it continues to be the preferred choice of current and new clients.

There is a constant responsibility to train and give refresher courses to our clients' teams, preparing them with the latest updates in specific legislation for the performance of their duties, with special emphasis on training for dangerous cargo and aeronautical security (IATA ATS and ANAC certification), through partnerships with airlines and service providers:  the contribution of the portway Training Centre plays an active, dynamic role in global aviation.


We respond positively to the vote of confidence we have received, and our investment in training is converted into sound bases of proficiency and security for all those who choose to grow with us.

featured courses:

  • Dangerous Good Regulations
  • Aeronautic Safety


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  • IATA (International air transport association)
  • ANAC (Portuguese civil aviation authority)
  • DGERT (Portuguese authority for works) 
  • ANAC (certified training courses)

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In addition to handling services, portway is also involved in other airport activities:


These services include:

baggage carts
telephone operators
jet bridges
support for passengers with reduced mobility
baggage claim area
information and passenger support